Thursday, January 31, 2013

In vain, my candle cried

The blockade of the gaza strip refers to a land, air, and sea blockade on the gaza strip by Isael and Egypt. Israel eased the blockade for non-military goods in June 2010 and Egypt reopened the Rafah border crossing in 2011 for persons
The above " definition" is mentioned in Wikipedia to explain the atrocious siege which imposed on Gaza strip since 2006 and left more than a million and a half Gazans suffer awfully under poverty, disease, lack of primal needs and darkness .
Alas world, The Wikipedia is so barren and double-dealing in defining Gaza strip siege. Actually it doesn't have any right to give a such definition . It is not about opening or reopening or allowance and banning. It is about human beings, agonized souls that can't find even a fresh air to pass through the silly, fucking ,world-made borders.  It is a crime against HUMANITY..
  It is about a friend of mine who was alive just a day after her first night as a bride, when she went to turn on the generator at the time of the power cut that immediately exploded and left her a dead body while her husband was weeping .  
A critical eye can see it a premeditated tactic and intended way to ethnically cleansed the indigenous people who have only one crime, being   " Palestinians" .
Palestinian means to die every single minute thinking and anticipating What will be the next? Who will die shivering and waiting on the cold boundaries FOR the sake OF a signature ON a paper FOR a  permission TO an urgent operation?
Palestinian means : a pale face with a settled grief  inside  helpless eyes above vanished cheeks .
Unfortunately the position of the  international law is absent -as usual--,  while the Arab countries are more than aware not to awake  Israel's anger, the issue of the children's of Palestine is not the issue of king Abdulla, nor Obama .They are not their children. Therefore it's only THEIR  issue , Palestinians, to scarify with their blood and souls underneath  the hammer and anvil, but Many are not even fortunate enough to be able to live this life.  
Neither the words could be enough to curse, nor the humanity to bear. Gaza siege is the epic which will never be written, Tantalus' agony that accompanied the Palestinian issue since the birth, and the Trojan War of the twentieth first century that is resurrected to shape the story of  holy land. I am certain that she tightly held her fourth-months baby and put her other three children under her sight, then she was cursing the flames. Perhaps she was shouting at her husband to search for a shelter or to play the role of the saver. If that's happened it was in vain. The father passed away and the three children  too. The fire was wild when the flames were up. At the end the mother kissed her baby and both went through endless sleep. 
Hazem , the fahther,32 years old .
Samar, the mother, 30 years old. 
kamer 4 months
Farah 3 years old
Nabeel 5 years old
Mahmoud 6 years old
They WERE a nice and simple family.  Their plight at that night and other nights was to find a candle to shatter the darkness and displace the time till the electricity come at morning. Unfortunately all of them were burned before seeing the next day. At that early morning I was waiting a myth to take  place, a  phoenix to come out from the flames and  shout " here, I am !",  but the result was nothing , all of them weren't a phoenix . I know that I am exaggerating and I am an extra-dreamer. But even though I am certain that their souls still hovering in the immortal sky like a phoenix singing psalm of immortality.
"Concerning nonviolence: It is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself, when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. It is legal and lawful to own a shotgun or a rifle. We believe in obeying the law." Malcolm X.
To Malcolm X
I am a Palestinian, or let me be  precise I am a Gazan . My neighbors where KILLED. The government says " The killer  is the candle",  and the sentence is to kill every candle in our darkness. But I need LIGHT.
 Somebody says "There is no light just the siege.".
 Others say " You are terrorists Palestinians and we won't open the borders. You will use it to make weapons" ,
" Deal with Israel in a non-violent way, then the siege will end" somebody's comment
Sir Malcolm X give me A RIFLE to kill  the non-violence  


  1. Dear Intimaa,

    I found your profile randomly on a google search some months ago, and since then I have been reading what you publish on your blog. The work you do is very inspiring. I work with a palestinian solidarity movement here in the United States, and it amazes me to see how ideas and ideals can travel and be used by different peoples to envision their liberation and work in true solidarity with each other.

    I am glad you have been given the talent of writing so well, and I am glad you write this blog. One cannot fight without hope, and a lot of the hope I have comes from the discovery that there are many other people out there resisting oppression and re-imagining a world where dignity is not just an unachievable concept alienated from people's lives.

    That said, one of the reasons why I am writing this comment is, I really think we students and organizers over here have so much to learn from the struggle in Gaza and from your political projects. This is basically why I would like to talk to you over e-mail. I have been looking for a way to contact you directly, but I found nothing over the internet. Would I have an easier way to contact you?


  2. Thanks for your concern. you are most welcome.Here is my email

    Hope to hear from u soon