Saturday, August 11, 2012

You dawn on me.

Dear Mr. country
This is my first letter. My first love letter, my first declaration and my first admission. Sir country, with outright believe I profess my love passionately beneath your command, while bowing flanked by the hills and the shore .You and me are the gentle breath that triggers the blossoms to bloom, the blood-vessel that feeds the tantalized heart whereas the soul shivers modestly, the whispering which shuts the roaring up of those guns, and the fragrant wine which eliminates the putrescence of the boundaries. How barren is the life without  presence of you, and How I dare to drink to someone unless YOU 

What sight is in the eyes that can't see u?
Where I couldn't see but you,
 Our love muzzle the arctic cuffs of bow

 How burning is the gathering but we are not free
How mellow is the seagull but they kidnapped the sea
How immense the olive tree is but they didn't agree
To return back the key .

 Where birds still sing melodious hymn
Where lands still our rhythm
Where the ships still pitch and heave
It's then our love is  reach.

No one can ever accuse me of being a lover to such a seductive darling?!

Your Intimacy for ever

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