Thursday, July 12, 2012

Who's to blame just Israel?


Anybody who is interested in history and civilization will find Palestine in every era playing a remarkable role. Palestine is famous for it’s varied exports of fruits, vegetables, citrus, pottery, olives, and fish as well. The sea is the main source of living in Gaza, and a lot of people live by fishing. But since the blockade which imposed over Gaza 2007, life of the Gazans has became worse and worse. The blockade has negatively affected all the spheres of the Palestinian's daily life in Gaza Strip especially fishing .
Trades are collapsing, people dying, life getting pale while Israelis enjoying their life on our shores.
Nowadays more than four thousands of the fishermen are in a miserable situation. They left their boats and ships in the sea and stayed home, without work or any income due to many reasons caused by Israel.  The Israeli navy is the main reason which threatens the fishermen's life and allow them to fish only up to 3 nautical miles off the Gaza coast.
Yea, it's a clearly fact that the Israeli navy doesn't obey to the international law and discriminates the rights of the fisherman to fish freely in their own sea, through many nasty practices, like confiscation their tools and boats, using sewage water which contains ammonia, kidnap some of them, shooting on their ships, destroying their nets that's so expensive and if any fisherman lost his net he wouldn't be able to work for months.

So I'm just wondering !!
Where is  the international law??  Where is the human rights?  
Looking for another job is a current tendency among the fishermen as a fisherman called said" Since the blockade days come and days go and nothing changes! Most of the time we don't get any fish and if we try to go a little deeper, we will have many problems and maybe we will lose our life "

So, Who's to blame just Israel

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