Friday, August 24, 2012

Observe, How is our " normal " life goes on ??

A Gazan day is divided into sections by power cuts, we eat and sleep and study by power cuts. At 8:00 am there is electricity, so you have to wake up early to arrange everything and do it hastily, because the power will be off at 2:00 pm. Then out of thinking and in a disgusting nasty and shitty way, -as a roaring thirsty generator - you start damn every single second of your beastly life in Gaza, and even the inventor of  the electricity. If your are lucky and your mother prays incessantly for you, it  might be electricity at the middle of the night for few hours, then from the dew the power will cut again and the cycle of agony starts again.

  I used to describe this situation as a mental disease,
Your friend is calling, so you have to ask whether he has electricity in his place or not. You are in a restaurant so you must  ask the waiter about it,  somebody is listening to the radio, the normal question will be, "Did you hear anything about the electricity? And If you just wake up before washing your face, you have to shout " do we have electricity ??

 But I am wondering " If I wake up and I found the electricity crises has been solved, Is that threats the safety of Israel or it is  just our fate and we have to obey and be more than patient .

 Santa Claus never give us a gift and Israel or any neighboring country will never give us at least a peace of shit. And why??????????? - By the way it's a rhetoric question but I will say the answer-

Because YOU ARE  Palestinian , so it's a must to struggle,  suffer, curse yourself, cry, and die in every single minute .


Just right now the power went off and I lost my words and for sure  I said fuck you Israel

  Observe how is  our " normal " life goes on ??

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