Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gaza forecast

Generally-speaking it is not that abyss in Gaza mostly right now,
A smart one neither can forecast the circumstances during the coming days nor the next few minutes.
Gaza forecasting is to some extent the same as expecting rainfalls above barren deserts. Ramadan is passing somewhat calmly without any blood rain, or destructive bullets storms, although there are a lot of dark, heavy drones sweeping the sky, in addition to a flood of tanks surrounding the buffer zone accompanied by F16S, above and beyond the siege wave which is suffocating the populace, and last but not least the new shitty thunder, the Gazans have to shoulder its burden, Sinai events.
 Hope to forecast a swift freedom storm, that will hit all the Palestinian lands with a roughly huge winds collecting all the refugees, sending them back to their land, and a rain of happiness 

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