Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stand up for the freedom

My beloved,
 I look forward all day to evening, and then I put a curtain between the cheerless light and the haunted soul - shadows are my fantasy-  nothing awake but night, everything is ready but slight; moon so pale, silence so dump, sea breath so far, and there is nobody just me and you. One candle and miles of thorny roses, I am waiting impatiently your coming with an embroidered bracelet surrounded my wrist engraved by your name, PALESTINE, . Three fabulous colors that will never fade;  red for the odorous blood, green for the emerald land, white for the peaceful populace, and black for How murky the enemy's night will be. So, come right now my Palestine !
 My pain,
  lots of maps and promises to the virgin land, nothing more but lies. Peace talks, agreements, promises are quite lame. More than sixty years have  passed and the tanks till now roar, the children above the destruction crawl, the mothers bleed their miss to the home , so where is the justice and where is the law??

My conviction,
  Once my grandmother told me, that the right won't be lost and from that moment I am pretty sure that sooner or later return is just a matter of time. Phoenix is the only legend that hooked my mind, how it dares to set it's nest on fire and start singing in the eye of the flames the immortal psalm waiting a new born, and this is my nation.

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