Monday, August 13, 2012

Excavations in the memory

There is a formidable tactic to sweep out the Palestinian's collective memory which will escort the intended conquest that heading for the upcoming Palestinian generations as a way to silence the justice's voice. They already extirpated the emerald lands, killed the people, deformed the houses'  features , and said this is our land and you are The Stranger, but they will not succeed in killing the memory
 Up till now the  Palestinians are scattering all over the globe as an Israeli  mean to kill the hope of "right of return", up till now the stories of the green land are still narrating in every single minute by every single Palestinian.  The Israelis believe that as soon as the old will die the young will forget, but that will never happen and I say:
" When the pigs fly the Palestinians will forget or forgive the colonizer of his unlawful doing and his barbaric crimes ."

 agnomen Abu Awad, an old wiry, foolhardy man who has a peculiar
"The Mustache" told me while his sobbing  " I live in Gaza and I like it, but It is not my home . I am from Hamama, I am not a Gazawi other than I am a Hamami"
(Hamama was a Palestinian Arab town of over 5,000 inhabitants that was depopulated during Nakba, it was located 24 kilometers north of Gaza between Ashkelon and Ashdod.)
Abu Awad who had two heart attacks recently, and who is suffering from difficulties in walking and seeing and one paralyzed leg, and who was laughing at the doctors when they told him that he is about to lose his memory due to aging whispered in my ears, digging deeply in  my memory which was formed of the grandparents' stories and the poets of exile , " I won't forget, Hamama was the paradise, we were a nice educated people, we had schools, many water wells, one radio in the primal cafĂ© for all the people, fertilized land full of  wide and beautiful fields and gardens, the people were pure, simple, and caring about each other, the winter was incredible cleans the tiredness of the debilitated work and I can recall all the people's names. When the Israelis came as a plague every beautiful thing vanished, but we were strong enough to fight, at that time the Palestinians sold their goats and gold to buy guns, we killed a lot of them but they killed more and more with their developed and destructive weapons, nobody helped us properly and we lost our land."   
  Abu Awad's age is 85 and till this moment he remember everything, the woman's  traditional clothes, even the colors of the threads which used in sewing it. So there is no tail-end to our Palestinian memory.
I'm Intimaa, I live in GAZA, and was born in GAZA. My roots from the port of Ashdod, so I will not forget that I am from Ashdod.


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