Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gaza needs light nothing more.

"As long as one person lives in darkness then it seems to be a responsibility to tell other people" . It struck three o'clock after midnight, I was leaning throbbing temples against the broken window. Silence was falling and it was a hot, windless night. My sight was fading gradually, fever plagued every atom in my flesh, sweating profusely .
There was not any electricity to switch the fan on. I have to cope with this situation because this is The siege and This is Gaza.
Surreptitiously, a yellowish book fell down from the rack tracing a morbid dragon puffing fire out. I rubbed my eyes and scrutinized at that creature that vanished abruptly . I bent with shivering hands to pick the book  " Nothing strange, so calm down, it's hallucination! " with a chuckle, I tried to console myself blaming the fever .
Then I walked staggeringly to the bed, threw myself over the white scrubby blankets " For the sake of God, I want to sleep",  but insomnia was the permanent guest of my whole nights. I decided to prepare a cup of coffee then I quiet. Coffee is not the suitable choice . After a while, I heard  tapping in my hatch door, then quite brave I stood up to see a lined-up raven row over the terrace, they were so murky and dark . At the same time a shrill yell came from the other side, a grisly gigantic owl settled on the chair., What a night ?? and What a nightmare…?? I looked scared and pale from a half-opened window but the street was dark and no one house with a light . Finally, I went downstairs to search for a candle where I discovered that Gaza haunted the place asking for light nothing more.

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