Friday, November 30, 2012

New map.

What a victory and what a shame?!

 Palestine have been slaughtering since 1948 while the entire world have gone through a deep, intentional, and fucking shameful silence.

I was born during the first Intifada, then I was suffering from the second Intifada, later on I was cursing every incursion and airstrike  which left only misery, and open tragic stories. I live in Gaza strip as a refugee from a near city which is a dream to reach .

And till now the international society believe in peace! , despite of the horrific war  in 2008 which followed by a new aggression at the mid of this month. I will not give the statistics about how many people were killed, nor how many houses were demolished . I won't talk about the barbaric, medieval siege which imprison even the fresh air to come in and out  Gaza strip because it is the daily talks of the media and journalism .

 Israel is ethnically cleansing everything;  human beings, trees, even houses and mosques.


Do we , Palestinians, seek peace??

Unfortunately , yes we seek  "peace".

 The kids are fed up from burning dead bodies, but the ceasefire didn't give even a piece of shit. TVs declared a ceasefire while the shelling and bombing were continuing heavily like  the rain..
Ceasefire said that fishermen are allowed to fish  further while this morning a nine fishermen got arrested.

Right now there is a stupid drone going back and forth .

So what a ceasefire??!!!         _ A million exclamation mark _


Am I with or against recognizing Palestine as observer member in general assembly of the UN??

I will be a bastard if I say yes for it.

 Who can forget the massacres ?

At the beginning they said (a land without a nation to a nation without a land) , so I am wondering our being here_ do we came from Mars_??

 Then they sentenced us with exile and Diaspora, and the prize was more and more killing..

 What Palestinian are waiting  is a tough and unpredictable question , the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, went to UN to see who will  vote for Palestine, who will vote for the 22 percent of the historical land of Palestine, and he did it. He won in declaring that we, the victims and indigenous , accepted to surrender and give up thinking about Jaffa and Haifa, but who gave him the right to  decide so ??

Mr. Abbas, Now the nice map of the virgin land which I used to stick in front of my desk will change     





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  2. I can't add even one word to what you have just said,,

    This time we aren't embarrassed from our children, this time we are embarrassed from the elders.