Sunday, October 7, 2012

I do recognize Isreal.

Israel I do recognize


Who does not know Israel?

Who didn't recognize Israel till now?


It is an established false fact, that Israel is one of the most advanced countries worldwide. It  is always the first and the successful  in the whole spheres of the life; politics, military, culture, economic, and education.


 As the Wikipedia claims " Israel, officially the state of Israel, is a parliamentary republic in the middle east, along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean sea. It borders Lebanon in the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan and the west bank in the east, Egypt and the Gaza strip on the south west, and the gulf of Aqaba in the red sea to the south and it contains geographically diverse features within its relatively small area. Israel is defined as a Jewish and democratic state in its basic law and is the world's only Jewish-majority state."  


As a Palestinian, or -let me be more precise- as a refugazan - a refugazan is my own word, dictionary has nothing to do with, because I carved it from my pain and my stolen identity-  a refugazan means a double persona, as me.  I am a refugee and a Gazan at the same time. How come! I don't know? But I can play with the answer in order to convince you, or to represent myself as a reliable one . My paternal grandma used to tell me that she was born here, my grandpa too, but their parents where born in Ashdod and at the Nakba they escaped from the death and massacres. Thereafter they were here in Gaza strip, they mingled with the people and became Gazans.

 At that time some of the families believe that being a refugee is considered a black spot in one's life, so you either  a coward betrayer, or fragile week person who left his land behind. At the end I became a refugee from inside and a Gazan from outside.


So I do recognize Israel, and I will recognize it till the last breath in my soul

I do recognize Israel. Why are you stunned ?  all Israel did  during 1948 was cleansing the earth from rustic naïve nation! what is an honor ?


I do recognize Israel, all what it did during the first intifada was murder your kids, rape your wife and mother, bulldoze your house, and set your wheat field on fire! Come on you have to be happy and draw a wide, big, and fat smile on your repulsive face.


I do recognize Israel,  at the second intifada the Israeli soldiers  killed Mohammed Adurrah ,terrorist number one, . Calm down! They shot a child while he was hiding in his father's arm. What a dare? !


I do recognize Israel, till now Israelis are cleansing what called " Palestine" from the  riffraff. Be happy it is Israel that kick out you from your land, besiege your tiny world, flavor the sky with f16, drones and phosphoric bombs, imprison your friends and cousins, and pee in you mosques …You!! Right now recognize Israel!..


I do recognize Israel as my jailer, killer, enemy.

I do recognize Israel, what all it did for me was make me a refugee, slaughter my neighbors, imprison my father, kill my uncle, and give me the honor to think deeply when they will order the planes to hover the sky and spread some bombes over our heads ..What am I without Israel  ?     


  'if the world starts to recognize Israel for what it really is, the land may once again be what has always been Palestine.

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